Customizing Notification Messages

Add a hint of personalization for the confirmation and reminder messages you send to your clients. When your invitees book an appointment, Kwikcal sends out pre-defined calendar invite messages.

By default, when an invitee books an appointment, Kwikcal will send a confirmation email along with a calendar invite. The content of the calendar invite, by default, includes the name of the event along with your name:

{{event_name}} with {{user_name}}

Each event type you create can customize the message that gets sent out.

Why customize?

Customizing your notification messages allows you to inject your own personality and brand directly into your communications with clients.

Studies have shown that reminder notifications help to reduce no-shows by close to 90%. With Kwikcal, those reminder notifications are handled for you automatically. Just specify how soon the reminder should be spent, such as one day before or up to an hour before the appointment.

How to customize?

To customize the notifications that are sent, navigate to any event type you’ve created, and click on the “Notifications” tab.

There are a number of predefined text snippets that you can insert, such as the name of the invitee, the date, the event type and more.

Customize the event type notifications that get sent to your clients.

Customize the event type notifications that get sent to your clients.

For a full list of available snippets, head over to our support page.

Have more questions? Contact us anytime at or head to our support page.