Getting the Most From Event Types

With Kwikcal, you can setup as many event types as you’d like. Set up different event types for all of your appointment and meeting types, and customize them to suit your needs.

Kwikcal offers numerous ways to customize your event types.

Buffer times

With before and after buffer times, you can make sure you don’t run into painful back-to-back meetings. Buffer times can be very handy to make sure you always have the necessary preparation time before a meeting, or that you have time to take any necessary notes after a meeting takes place.

The benefit of the before and after buffer times is that these times only apply to your calendar, not to your invitees. As an example, if you want to leave yourself 15 minutes after each meeting to take notes, then create a 45 minute meeting with a 15 minute after buffer time.

Use before and after buffer times to prevent meeting overlap.

Use before and after buffer times to prevent meeting overlap.

Your invitee will only be scheduled for a 45 minute meeting, but Kwikcal will make sure that nobody else can book an appointment until at least 15 minutes after the meeting.

Minimum scheduling notice

Having a public Kwikcal booking page is great, as it allows your customers to quickly and easily schedule appointments directly onto your calendar. This can come at a cost as well, as an invitee might inadvertently book a last minute meeting, leaving you without enough time to prepare.

To prevent last minute meetings, set a minimum scheduling notice on your event type. Specify the minimum number of minutes before an invitee can book a meeting. With this set to 60 minutes, for example, an invitee won’t be able to schedule a 2:30pm meeting after 1:30pm of the same day. Use this setting to ensure you always have enough time to be prepared for your meetings.

Custom questions

Each event type you create on Kwikcal allows you to specify any custom questions that you might need for each appointment. If you’re a recruiter, perhaps you require that a potential invitee offer a brief description about themselves. If you’re a personal trainer, asking a prospective client what their fitness goals are ahead of time will allow you to tailor the consultation ahead of time to allow you to close the deal.

With unlimited custom questions, tailor your sessions directly to your needs.

These are just a few examples of how flexible Kwikcal can be for your specific event type and appointment needs.

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