How to Share Your Kwikcal Link

To get the most out of Kwikcal, you want to share your availability with as many people as possible. Once you’ve setup your event types, set your working hours and have your calendar linked, it’s time to start booking some appointments.

If you haven’t set up your event types, head on over to our getting started guide.

Share your entire availability

If you have different event types setup that you want to share, the best way is to simply share your entire Kwikcal link. You can find your link by heading to Settings -> Shareable Link. There you’ll find your booking page link, and can easily copy it to your clipboard.

Find your booking page link and copy it to your clipboard

You can include your Kwikcal link anywhere - email, text message or message board signature are the most common. By sharing your Kwikcal link directly, anybody will be able to view your availability and book appointments directly. This removes the painful and tedious back-and-forth emails and lets you focus on your business.

Share a specific event

If you only want to share a specific event type, you can link to that too. When viewing an event type, below the event type name, will be the full URL to this particular event type. Click to copy the URL to keyboard. Just as with your full booking link, you can share this link directly. Anybody who visits that link will be able to immediately view the availability for that particular event type.

Link to a specific event type

Link to a specific event type

Sharing a specific event type can be helpful, so that you can tailor your calendar exactly for the type of appointment you’re trying to book. This removes the hassle for your client or prospective client, as they can immediately book an appointment.

Start sharing today

Start sharing your availability today and begin efficiently scheduling your meetings. Remove the need to send countless back and forth emails, and let your invitees schedule a time directly.

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